Patient Enquiries

The purpose of the IAD is for training and research and thus we do not recommend individual dermatologists nor offer an appointment service.

You may find our “Find a Dermatologist” section on the website helpful. This section is not fully completed as all IAD members need to build their individual profiles (hopefully fully operational in the coming months) but it does list dermatologists by location and special interests.

In order to see a dermatologist you will first need a referral letter from your GP who should be able to direct you.

The Irish Skin Foundation (ISF) is a national charity supporting people skin conditions. It provides reliable and independent information reviewed by Irish-based dermatologists, nurses and patients.

The ISF also offers support to people and families affected by skin conditions through its free Nurse Helpline service staffed by specialist dermatology nurses working in Irish hospitals. 

You can submit a question to the ISF Helpline anytime here.

Tel: 01 486 6280