Irish Skin Foundation

Irish Skin Foundation

Skin disease is extremely common.  In Ireland, 54% of the population is affected by skin disease annually with up to 33% of people at any one time having a condition that would benefit from medical care.  We know that life with a skin condition can be challenging and so we provide information, support and guidance to people with skin conditions, particularly those affected by psoriasis, atopic eczema, HS, rosacea, acne and at risk of developing skin cancer. 

Up-to-date information, guidance and support

We offer information, support and guidance to people living with skin conditions, their families and carers. We operate a free nurse Helpline which provides access, on an appointment and call-back model, to dermatology nurse specialists to ensure equitable access to basic dermatology supports.More information about our service here.

Health promotion and disease awareness

We work with people in the dermatology community (people with skin conditions, pharmacists, GPs, nurses, consultant dermatologists and allied healthcare professionals) to produce accessible, evidence-based and up-to date information on common skin conditions. Our aim is to empower people with skin conditions, support timely diagnosis and treatment, and promote public awareness and understanding of skin conditions. More information here.

Advocacy, News & Events

The ISF represents people with skin conditions and advocates on their behalf on issues ranging from personal advocacy to policy and service provision.  We are also very active in the communityand in promoting awareness of issues of importanceto dermatology patients.

Volunteering with the ISF

The ISF relies on the clinical community to assist us in writing and reviewing materials for our website and leaflets, participating in talks and panel discussions, and in raising awareness generally about skin conditions at health promotion events or in the media.  If you would like to support the ISF in this important work please write to us at


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