American Academy of Dermatology Scholarship Recipient 2017

I was very pleased to receive a scholarship which facilitated my attendance at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting which was held in Orlando, Florida this year. 

The scholarship recipients were invited to the international scholarship dinner, where we were given our certificates by the AAD representative. The dinner was overall quite enjoyable which allowed dermatologists from around the world to meet and share ideas. I also attended the annual meeting for the Hair Research Society and Council for Nail Disorders which took place just prior to the start of the conference. It provided me with the most up to date information on therapy and procedures in both areas. I attended several lectures on hair and nails disorders which i thought were excellent. These lectures were delivered by experts in the field from around the world, sharing lots of diagnostic and therapeutic pearls which i found useful and could be easily incorporated into clinical practice. I also attended lectures and courses on nail surgery which provided great insight into management of common nail disorders which included surgery for ingrown nails, treatment for psoriasis of the nails, performing nail biopsies and management of the nail unit tumours. 

Finally, i am very grateful to the Irish Association of Dermatologists in support of my scholarship award and attendance at the American Academy of Dermatology conference in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Aizuri Murad

SpR in Dermatology,

Dublin, Ireland.