Irish Skin Foundation

Over one-third of the Irish population are affected by a skin complaint at any one time. We know that life with a skin condition can be challenging and so we provide information, encouragement and assistance to patients with all skin conditions in the following ways:

Provide information and support

We offer general information and support to people with skin conditions. We are also developing a new Nurse Helpline service for specialist dermatology advice; it operates on a limited basis at present and we hope to extend the capacity of the service in 2015-18.

Health promotion and disease awareness

We work with people in the dermatology community (people with skin conditions, GPs, nurses, physicians and healthcare providers) to produce accessible health promotion and awareness materials. Our aim is to empower people with skin conditions, support timely diagnosis and treatment, and promote public awareness.

Advocacy and policy

The Foundation represents people with skin conditions and advocates on their behalf. As part of our forthcoming strategy 2015-18, we will identify policy areas where we may be proactive and constructive advocates for improved dermatology services delivered in an equitable and accessible manner.


We are currently funding the development of a National Registry of Skin Disease. This exciting project will be a patient-focused hub to use clinical information about skin diseases in a manner that can improve care, information and research in a connected manner. 


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