1.       NAME

The name of the Association shall be the Irish Association of Dermatologists  (hereinafter called “the Association”).

2.       OBJECTS

(i) The Association is established to advance education and to relieve sickness and in particular, but not so as to limit the generality of the foregoing, to preserve and protect the health of the public by the advancement of the knowledge of diseases of the skin.

(ii) In furtherance of the above objects, but not further or otherwise, the Association may:

(a) Encourage and assist in the promoting and carrying out of research, surveys and investigations and publish the useful results thereof; 
(b) Organise or assist in organising meetings, lectures, classes and exhibitions, and publish or assist in publishing papers, reports, periodicals, recordings, books or other documents or information; 
(c) Give and exchange information and advice and promote education in all matters relating to dermatology; 
(d) Obtain, collect and receive money by way of grants, donations, bequests, legacies or other lawful method, provided that the Association may not engage in any form of permanent trading; 
(e) Award scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries or maintenance allowances tenable at any school, university or other educational establishment approved by the Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) to such persons and on such terms as the Committee shall from time to time decide; 
(f) Receive money on deposit or loan and borrow or raise money in such a manner as the Association shall think fit subject to such consents as may be required by the law; 
(g) Invest the moneys of the Association not immediately required for the said objects in or upon such investments, securities or property as may be thought fit, subject nevertheless to such conditions (if any) as may be required by law; 
(h) Do all such other lawful things as may be necessary to the attainment of the above objects.


The Association shall be non-political and non-sectarian in character and the following shall be eligible for membership:


Any doctor who currently holds specialist registration in dermatology with the Irish Medical Council (MC) or General Medical Council (GMC).  Any doctor with a major interest in dermatopatholgy who has a specialist registration with the MC as a specialist in morbid anatomy and histopathology or the GMC as a specialist in histopathology.


Dermatologists or Members of other Specialist Societies who have made an outstanding contribution to the practice and study of Dermatology, including those who are of international standing or have given life-long dedication to the Irish Dermatology.


Any doctor who currently holds a National Training Number in dermatology in Ireland or the United Kingdom.  A Trainee Member will automatically become an Ordinary Member on receiving the CCST and being included on the Specialist Registrar of the MC or GMC and or being appointed to a consultant post in Ireland or the United Kingdom.


Any doctor with a special interest in dermatology who works in a Dermatology Department in Ireland or the United Kingdom under consultant supervision and who is not on the dermatology Specialist Register of the MC or GMC as long as they continue to work in the post. 


Dermatologists living or working overseas who are interested in the work of the Association.


An Ordinary Member who retires from the full time practice of dermatology shall automatically become a Retired Member on written request to the Honorary Secretary not less than 3 months before the next Business Meeting.


Not less that three months before the bi-annual meetings of the Association, existing members may nominate new members of the Association in writing to the secretary.  Such nominations must be seconded by another member of the Association and the nominee must have attended at least one of the Associations meetings in the past as either a visitor or guest.  The name of the candidate for membership, the membership category and a CV must be submitted together with a note of the grounds on which the recommendation is made.  The Secretary shall send a list of nominated candidates to each member of the Association not less that one month before the bi-annual meeting at which the election of the new members is to take place.  A new member must be elected if agreed by at least two-thirds of the voting Members present at the Business Meeting.

Ordinary and Honorary Members shall be entitled to vote at Business Meetings of the Association.  All other categories of Members shall not be entitled to vote at Business Meetings but may attend.  Formal ballots will be conducted by ballot papers issued to members with voting entitlement.

(ix)       The Committee shall fix the rate of annual subscription for each category of membership.  Subscriptions shall be payable in January each year.  A member who is more than two years in arrears and who has been duly notified thereof shall cease to be a member of the Association.

The Committee shall have power to terminate the membership of any Member for reasons appearing to them good and sufficient.  The Member will be notified of same.   The Secretary will place the recommendation on the Agenda of the next Business Meeting.   The Committee shall present the reasons for termination to members at the Business Meeting.   Termination shall be confirmed if agreed by at least two thirds of the voting members present at the Business Meeting.  Any Member so affected shall have the right to state a case against such terminatio


(i)         The Association shall have a Committee consisting of the Honorary Officers which shall have the power to deal with any important matters which arise between meetings of the Association.  The Committee shall make a report to the Association at each meeting.

(ii)        The President, Secretary, Treasurer, immediate Past-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be Honorary Officers of the Association.  The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected every two years.

(iii)       The Trustees (if appointed) shall be notified of and shall be entitled to attend all meetings of the Committee but without the power to vote.

5.       FINANCE

(i) All moneys raised by or on behalf of the Association shall be applied to further the objects of the Association and for no other purpose PROVIDED THAT nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment of legitimate out-of-pocket expenses to members of the Association engaged upon the approved business of the Association.

(ii) The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the finances of the Association.

(iii) The financial year of the Association shall run from 1 January to 31 Decembe

(iv) The accounts shall be prepared at least once a year by the Accountants who shall be appointed by the Committee.

(v) A bank account shall be opened in the name of the Association with Northern Bank Ltd., 437 Lisburn Road, Belfast or with such other bank as the Committee shall from time to time decide.  The Committee shall authorise in writing the Treasurer and two members of the Committee to sign cheques on behalf of the Association.  All cheques must be signed by not less than 2 of the 3 authorised signatories


The title to all or any real and/or personal property which may be required by or for the purpose of the Association shall be vested in Trustees who shall hold such property in trust for the Association.  The trustees shall not be less than 3 and not   more than 6 in number, and shall, subject to the approval and consent of the Association as determined by a Special General Meeting, have power to fill the vacancies in their number.

7.       MEETING

The Association shall hold at least two meetings each year.  These will normally be held on the last Saturday of April and the first Saturday in October in each year but can be varied with the consent of the Members. The venues shall alternate annually between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.


The Committee may at any time at its discretion and shall upon a requisition signed by not less than 2 members having the power to vote and giving reasons for the request, call a Special General Meeting of the Association for the purpose of altering the constitution in accordance with clause 10 hereof or of considering any matter which may be referred to them by the Committee or for any other purpose.



(i) Subject to the provisions of Clause 10 hereof all questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote thereat.  (In case of an equality of votes the President shall have a second or casting vote.)


(ii) Minute books shall be kept by the Committee and the Secretary shall enter therein a record of all proceedings and resolutions.


(iii) The quorum at meetings of the Association shall be 10 and at meetings of the Committee shall be 2 or such other number as the Committee may from time to time determine.


Any alteration of this Constitution shall receive the assent of not less than two-thirds of the members of the Association present and voting at a meeting specially called for this purpose PROVIDED THAT notice of any such alteration shall have been received by the Honorary Secretary in writing not less than 21 clear days before the meeting at which the alteration is to be brought forward.  At least 14 working days notice in writing of such a meeting setting forth the terms of the alteration to be proposed shall be sent by the Honorary Secretary to each member of the Association.  PROVIDED FURTHER THAT no alteration shall be made which would cause the Association to cease to be a charity at law.


If the Committee by a simple majority decide at any time that on the grounds of expense or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Association they shall call a meeting of all members of the Association which have the power to vote of which meeting not less than 21 days notice (stating the terms of the Resolution to be proposed thereat) shall be given.  If such a decision shall be confirmed by a simple majority of those present and voting at such meeting the Committee shall have power to dispose of any assets held by or in the name of the Association.  Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such other charitable institution or institutions having objects similar to the objects of the Association as the Committee may determine.