Autumn Meeting Abstract Submissions 2023

  • Pathways open Friday 21st July
  • Pathways close Wednesday 23rd August
  • Notified Monday 11th September


The Autumn IAD has 2 abstract submission pathways.

1. The Rogers prize (clinical research)

2. Case Presentations (clinical case/case series)

The Rogers prize is awarded to the best oral presentation of clinical research.  Abstracts submitted for the Rogers prize should include a statement outlining the aim of the study, the methods used, a factual summary of results and a conclusion. Any abstracts that do not conform to this may be rejected by the scientific committee after the abstract submission deadline.​ Submitters please note that the Scientific Committee may receive more abstracts than can be accommodated and your understanding is appreciated. 

Case Presentation (Clinical case/case series). Successful abstracts submitted for The Case presentation competition will be selected for a Oral or Poster presentation. A prize will be awarded for the best clinical case/ case series presentation

Clinical research should not be submitted using this pathway.   

Please note that there is a 250-word limit on the abstract.​

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